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#DM101 Father Christmas 33"                                                                                     


          #760 shown basic & painted with beard

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Pattern  - $7.50    #DM101
The Pattern has full instructions to make the clothes, assemble & pad the wire body,  beard making,  working with furs, & optional painting instructions for head.  Pattern includes mitten template and instructions.  Step by step photo's included.  This Santa is made over a wire garden tomato cage available at garden centers or hardware stores.  Optional....use a wood dowel & base....instructions included in the pattern.
   The seams can be glued or sewn.  Very easy sewing, all straight seams.  There is some hand gathering to tie the robe & hood around the neck.  There is no paper to pin to the fabric, all you need is a chalk pencil and yard stick to mark and cut rectangles of fabric.  Did I say how easy my patterns are???

Pattern  - $7.50    #DM101     

All kits below include the instructional pattern, head & curly locks for the beard/hair.
Choose options from the drop down boxes below.

Kit - #DM101BK......$28.95
Head is basic, ready to paint the boots, skin tones and eyes.

Extra parts    #DM101BKX......$21.45
Add extra head & hair/beard
Does not include a pattern.

Kit  #DM101SEK........$38.95
Head has set in acrylic eyes, ready to paint the skin tones,
& boots.

Extra parts    #DM101SEKX......$31.45
Add extra head & hair/beard
Does not include a pattern.

Kit  #DM101FK.......$48.95
Head is painted and has set in acrylic eyes.
Add any skin tone choices in the comments box at cart checkout.

Extra parts    #DM101FX......$41.45
Add extra head & hair/beard
Does not include a pattern.

Kit - #DM101VK......$22.00
Head is painted vinyl #OT471 which is the original head
shown on the doll above.
 I did re-paint and antique the
vinyl head.  It is a little small for a 33" doll, but with a lot
of beard and the hood, it will work.


Extra parts    #DM101VX......$15.00
Add extra head OT471 & hair/beard
Does not include a pattern.



Use any vinyl or bisque head or hands listed on the doll heads and hands pages for a 30" doll.
All hands and heads shown on this site have the size of doll they will fit onto listed. 
 We do not carry the wire tomato cages as it would cost
more to ship them than you can buy them

Wool or Mohair (beard/hair)  3 oz. needed
Order these to create Father Christmas if purchasing items separately. 
Shown on doll:
Vinyl head #OT471     mohair beard

Wire tomato cage 30" tall - this doll can be made taller using a large tomato cage
Doll shown made on a 30" cage....just add length above 30" to the clothes hems.

Bisque doll heads:
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Bisque doll hands:
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 Mohair (beard/hair) 3 oz. needed

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