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VICTORIAN SANTA 19"                    Kits shown below:                                        Review Cart

Pattern  - $7.50    #DM102
The Pattern has full instructions to make the clothes, assemble & pad the wood & wire body,  beard making,  working with furs, & optional painting instructions for head.  Pattern includes mitten template and instructions.  Step by step photo's included.
The seams can be glued or sewn.  Very easy sewing, all straight seams.  There is some hand gathering to tie the robe & hood around the neck.  There is no paper to pin to the fabric, all you need is a chalk pencil
and yard stick to mark and cut rectangles of fabric.
Did I say how easy my patterns are???


All kits below include the instructional pattern, head, wood & wire body armature & curly locks for the beard/hair.
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Kit - #DM102VK......$28.45
Head is painted vinyl, choices shown below.


Kit - #DM102BK......$34.90

Head is basic bisque, ready to paint skin tones and eyes.
Head choices are shown below.


Kit - #
Bisque head has set in acrylic eyes,
ready to paint the skin tones.


Kit - #DM102FK.........$54.90

Bisque head is painted with set in acrylic eyes.


Kit - #DM102PK.........$32.90
Head & hands are painted porcelain MW622 shown below.


VS102 BODY ARMATURE        Shown assembled & wrapped
Ot470.jpg (11667 bytes)
OT472.jpg (12041 bytes)
Fc591_small.jpg (2559 bytes) 
Painted vinyl & porcelain heads
OT470  -  OT472  -  FC591  -  Porcelain MW622
Each painted or ready to paint.

Click here for eye color choices


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