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#DM111   25" Mountain Man

 Just the Pattern      #DM111....$7.50
Instructions to paint and antique doll head,
set in eyes, beard making,  in depth details to  make the  leather clothes, work with furs & assemble body.  Step by step photo's included.


Bisque head choices.

#280       #638           #07
These are not shown in size relationship

#952                 #133

Body Armature shown assembled

Basic parts for the kits include:
Instructional pattern, doll head, hands & bisque boots, wood & wire body armature,  curly locks for the beard/wig.

Choose head, hands & boots from the drop down lists


Basic parts with the doll head, hands & boots
 (ready for you to paint)



Basic parts with the head has set in acrylic eyes,
ready for you to paint the face, hands & boots


Basic parts with the head, hands & boots painted. 
Acrylic eyes are also set in the head



Click here for eye color choices

Order these to create Mtn. Man if purchasing items separately. 
Shown on doll:
07 head   703 hands   133 boots  Antique color mohair beard
Leather & furs may be found at a Tandy or Leather Factory store.

Wood & Wire Body Armature w/boots
Click for Body armature page to order

Bisque doll heads:
Click for doll heads page to order

Bisque doll hands:
Click for doll hands page to order

Bisque doll boots:
Click for doll boots page to order

Antique Mohair (beard/hair) 2 oz. needed

Click to order doll hair


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